Friday, December 26, 2008

FORGOTTEN / 帆画庭園 Open Studio

ARCUS Residency Program- Asian Cultural Council Fellowship, Japan

FORGOTTEN / 帆画庭園 Open Studio by Kang, Ya-chu
23rd National Cultural Festival IBARAKI 2008 FORGOTTEN/帆画庭園] オープンスタジオ by カン・ヤ=チュ 第23回国民文化祭・いばらき2008Opening Hours11:00-18:00 

KANG Ya-chu, an artist from Taiwan has stayed and worked in Moriya for three months. Researching and eagerly absorbing Japanese tradition, society and contemporary cultures, now she portrays her own experiences with the material "abandoned paper". Please visit her studio to see the installation which is actualized through detailed handwork and sharp ideas. There will be related events including opening reception, artist talks and workshop.

Cardboard box, paper roll, wrapping paper, jute line, wrapping tape, comic book paper, recycle envelop, screw, light bulb, TV
Video Installation Variable size 2008

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