Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Portable Walls

port·a·ble walls
1, a temporary or nomadic shift serving to enclose, divide, protect or change ones identity (i.e.: your identity shifts depending on where you are). 2, To adapt to ones surroundings. 3, What is destroyed is reborn (i.e.: A wall is meant to set a barrier from one area to another, but making it portable means you have to set it up and take it down each time).
4, Fluctuating re-occurrences. 5, Paradigm shift. 6, A person who creates more than one identity, traces of digital footprints, profiles and usernames. 7, Cultural landscapes that become crisscrossed and blurred from globalization, shifting borders, war, geo-politics, digital revolution, travel, re-location, etc. 8, paying attention to the constant flux of rules, regulations, definitions, checks and changes on privacy laws and the ability to relearn what is learned.


Video Installation, soap sculpture/ Collaboration work with Christian Nicolay

Installation View

Collaboration work Christian Nicolay

Safety Instructions

mixed media on paper on panel/ Collaboration work with Christian Nicolay

Knot Covering- Comic book Kimono - Ya-chu Kang

Comic book paper, newspaper, Japan Resist dyeing paper, packaging rope, tape, threads/ 59” x 31.5” x 63”/ 2010

Showtime 1-10 - Ya-chu Kang
Pornographic Comic Book Paper, Wrapping Paper, Handmade Paper, Taiwanese Culture Paper, Paper Doilies, Foam, Glue./ 11.8” × 11.8” (each)/ 2011

Heroic Bearing 1-8 - Ya-chu Kang
Hero Comic Book Paper, Chinese Washi Paper, Scanned Fabric Printed Paper, Wrapping Paper, Foam, Glue/ 11.8” × 11.8” (each)/ 2011

Beauty and the Hero 1-4 - Ya-chu Kang
Comic Book Paper, Chinese Washi Paper, Taiwanese Culture Paper, Scanned Fabric Printed Paper, Paper Doilies, Tissue Paper, Foam, Glue./ 19.3” x 19.3” (each)/ 2012

Bag-Self-Portrait Series No.7& 8 & 9 &10 - Ya-chu Kang
Mailed Cardboard Box Paper, Adhesive Tapes, Stickers, Threads, Mailed Stamp, Wrapping Material / Sculpture/ 2011-2012

Country Flag - Ya-chu Kang
China Flag, USA Flag, Wood, Photo Print, Paint/ 41.3” x 36.8”/ 2012

Occupy 1.2.3 - Ya-chu Kang
Graphite, Pencil, Water colour, Detritus on Paper/ 19.4” x 12.9” (each)/ 2011

Cover the Bird 1.2 - Ya-chu Kang
Wool, threads, fabric, beads/ 16.7” x 25.6”/ 2011-2012

With Two -headed Rabbit - Ya-chu Kang
Wool, threads, fabric/ 16.7” x 25.6”/ 2012

Under Face Clay - Ya-chu Kang
Wool, threads, fabric, clay/ 27.7”x 44.2” / 2012



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